Long ago and faraway on an island in the mystic sea lived a King who was loved by the people of his kingdom. Not only was he a wise ruler. He had many riches and costly possessions but, he was always kind and generous with his wealth. King Derek considered his daughter, Wendelyn, his most precious jewel. Princess Wendelyn was a happy girl and loved her father. She tried to do thoughtful things she knew would please him. As she grew older though, she was often lonely and became unhappy and sad and she began to dream of a handsome prince who would ask her to marry him. But when she questioned her father: "No one ever comes to our island and There are no noble men worthy of my hand living here. Am I never to be wed? King Derek would always answer “Nonsense child, don’t you have everything you could Wish for?

Don’t trouble yourself with such foolish ideas” 

Does Princess Wendelyn’s dream come true?

Two city boys, Ian and Mitch, have gone to Mitch's grandparents' farm in Pennsylvania for part of their summer vacation. Today is their trip to the local fair. Roller coasters, merry-go-rounds and -- their favorite -- the big ferris wheel are all there for them to enjoy.

But there are funnel cakes, cotton candy and philly cheese steak to eat too.

When they get to the ferris wheel, they realize they have a serious problem. They may not be able to take their favorite ride.

Read how Ian and Mitch refuse to give up trying to solve their problem, but learn to think "outside the box" in order to overcome their unexpected difficulty.

Author Ryke Douglas is a veteran educator devoted to helping children discover the joy of reading and she has dedicated herself to educating them through her books about positive attitudes, good character traits and creative thinking.

The Big Wheel is the fourth in the series written by Douglas to entertain as well as enlighten young readers.


This story takes place in an era of our history when trolleys were an important part of everyday life and valued for their usefulness. Electric trolleys were only around for a short time but as an introduction to mass transportation, their impact on our society was significant. This story blends entertaining text with educational content to describe how the fate of one trolley car is changed because of a promise. The bond of love and friendship between the trolley and a boy named Bud ultimately prevents the destruction of the trolley, once she is no longer considered useful. Molly The Trolley And Bud would make a good compliment to a unit on transportation at the second and third grade levels.

Alex could not believe what he'd found!

The setting of this story is a small rural town in Pennsylvania. The plot concerns the unexpected and sometimes humorous, events that occur when Alex and his best friend discover an abandoned nest with one egg. Thinking that it will be fun to have a duck for a pet, Alex is determined to hatch it. He soon discovers that having a duck for a pet is a little more then he bargained for.

It's cold. It's snowing It's almost Christmas!

In this Christmas story, Gustav, the clockmaker proves that often what seems to be an impossible task,can be accomplished with determination, hard work and a little cleverness. Where there is a will, there is a way!