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Author, Ryke Leigh Douglas is a veteran educator devoted to helping children discover the joy of reading and the magic of books. She holds an M.A. as a reading specialist from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. Ms. Douglas strives to provide parents and teachers with entertaining stories that lend themselves to nurturing positive attitudes, good character traits, and creative thinking. When she isn’t writing Ms. Douglas enjoys visiting schools, museums, libraries and early learning centers to share her stories and encourage children to develop their own writing skills with a program she developed entitled The Writer’s Tool Box.

Her Other Interests

In addition to writing children's book and sharing them in local schools with an event she calls "Make books your treasured friends" intended to entertain, educate and motivate children to appreciate books and view them as a window to the world and essential to their future success.

She likes to garden but would not call herself a Gardener.

She enjoys travelling and meeting new people and like a casual game of bridge or cards or "eating out with friends"

She helps to lead a community bible study group. Her husband and Gail participate in community activities as much as they can.

She has always enjoyed reading books herself. She loves spending time with their family when they can get everyone together and attending grandchildren's sporting and musical events.

Ryke and her Grandson

Ryke, Sonny and an Elementary Principal in Orange City Florida for a book reading

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